Ryan Jones’ paintings expand upon classical themes and motifs, presenting them in a modern and contemporary context.  Traditional realism gets an innovative update in his bold compositions as the past is expressed through the lens of the present.  Jones’ work embraces and challenges the traditions of painting with an exploration of contemporary practices and observations.   His chosen scenarios play into the thrill of travel and exploration as well as a nostalgia for the past through aesthetic cues of vintage film, noir and pop culture.  The work both subverts and elevates emblems of mid-20th century America with added elements of psychological ambiguity.  A dialog is expressed between figuration and abstraction as subjects are juxtaposed with shapes, maps and collage.  Rather than present us with a straightforward composition, the artist plays with our perception of the assumed visual story line and the result is a uniquely personal narrative formulated by the viewer.   

Ryan Jones was born in California in 1981 and began his artistic journey at a young age.  He currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Classically trained in art at Stanford University, he received instruction by renowned artist Enrique Chagoya and design pioneer Matt Kahn.  Jones’ innovative artworks are included in a number of prestigious private collections and have been showcased in galleries and art fairs around the world.