Ryan Jones’ arresting paintings immerse us in stories featuring beautiful women and mysterious, luxurious settings - images infused with fantasy and a hint of noir.  Rather than frame faces as in ordinary portraiture, Jones gives us tantalizing glimpses of his subjects, directing our focus toward the finer nuances of a scene.  As he has noted, his work is a unique “fusion of the real and surreal.”

In his latest body of work, Jones intensifies his focus on subtle gestures, postures, and movements.  Juxtaposed in and around bold geometric shapes, the emotional power of his figures seems magnified.  His compositions force us to see glorious bits of life through a restricted lens, as if we’re watching through a keyhole, our imaginations filling with possible story lines, speculating about what has happened, what is about to happen, and what is happening just beyond the border of the frame.

Born in 1981, Ryan Jones lives and works in Mill Valley, Califnoria.  He was classically trained at Stanford University and his work has been showcased in galleries and art fairs around the world.

Ryan Jones Art